Graham’s Natura

Graham’s is pleased to announce the launch of Natura, a new reserve ruby port made from organically farmed grapes.

The Symington family hold 126 hectares of organic vineyards in the Douro Valley.  The majority are in the northeastern area of the Douro Superior in the Vale de Vilariça, where we have three quintas:  Quinta do Ataide, Quinta da Canada and Quinta de Assares.

Additionally, Quinta das Lages in the Rio Torto valley, south of Pinhão, has supplied grapes for Graham’s ports for nearly 100 years, and several hectares at the top of the quinta have been farmed organically for some years now.

With this range of organic material to work with, Charles Symington explored the possibility of creating a Port exclusively from these organically grown grapes to respond to the market’s growing interest in sustainable agriculture and organic wines.

Natura is a true Graham’s port, with the rich, fruity, sweet style which has always set the brand apart.  But if you were to taste Natura side by side with, for example, our Six Grapes, you would find the Natura more fresh, soft and elegant.  Natura is simply another expression of the Graham’s style, which we invite you to enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Graham’s Natura

    1. Hi bzzank, glad you enjoyed the Natura! Since Natura has just recently been launched, rollout around the world is ongoing. Right now, it is not yet available in England, but if you or a friend travels to Portugal, you will find it in the Duty Free shops at the airports here, and of course if you visit the Graham’s Lodge you could purchase Natura or any of our Ports and arrange shipping back to the UK. If you are travelling elsewhere, Natura is already available in the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland and is just now being shipped to distributors in France and the USA. If you need more help, email us directly at blogadmin at grahams-port dot com (use the usual symbols for “at” and “dot” – we spell it out here to avoid spam!). Thanks!

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