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The Graham’s blogger has accumulated almost 16,000 photos since the blog was re-launched in July 2010.  So… why haven’t we changed our header image in all that time?

We have winnowed down to four images and now we are asking you:  Which of the following photos would you enjoy seeing across the top of the blog every time you come to visit?

Please vote for one through the survey form below,  and over the Christmas break we will count the votes and load the new image you have chosen.

Tasting Lineup at Graham’s Lodge:

Tawny on the Veranda at Malvedos:

The Malvedos Gate:

The Vineyards at Malvedos During Harvest:

Please vote for your favourite photo here:

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15 thoughts on “Help the Graham’s Blogger

  1. Hi Cynthia, I voted for the Vineyards at harvest though Tawny on the veranda was a close second. I actually love the photo you’ve used since the relaunch, it’s where it all begins, after all. Thankyou for such a well illustrated blog!
    Regards, Nina

  2. Despite the name, this is the Symingtons’ blog, rather than a narrower Malevdos blog. That reasoning favoured the picture showing a wider range of products: the bottles.

  3. Actually, I’d vote for keeping the current image. It shows the rather unique landscape of the Douro region and lets the viewer clearly image how hard people are working there to use the land.
    The other pictures are good pictures, but for me, they do not create the “wish i’d be there” feeling like the current one does.

    1. HI Roy! It was a good tasting! That’s actually from one I shared with a friend, not a working event, so I got to sip too for a change!

  4. I also voted in the photo “The Vineyards at Malvedos During Harvest”.
    The connection with the terroir is important in this blog.
    But the other photos are also very very appealing.

  5. From an artistic standpoint, I thought the tawny on the veranda was the most elegant photo, and voted accordingly – but why stick to one banner?

    – There’s no harm in rotating them from time to time..

    1. Thanks everyone for your comments, both here and off line! The votes are continuing to come in and it’s interesting… stay tuned!

  6. I voted for the line-up since every tasting is a moment of truth – when all the efforts of the dashing Douro and the Port people are gathered in a glass..
    (Maybe a new picture every month could be an idea..)

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