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Great photo of the interior of the Lodge, taken by one of our Facebook friends, Adrian J Cassar Gheiti.

At Graham’s, we receive a lot of inquiries about working for us.  We don’t blame you – we think it’s an enviable job to work anywhere in the Port trade, whether in Gaia or the Douro, in the offices, the Lodge or the vineyards.

So… here’s your chance.  We are looking for guides to work at our Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia this summer. Though “only a summer job” (which in fact starts in March and runs into the autumn) it is an incredible opportunity – you will learn more about Port in this job than you could ever learn in most specialist wine courses, and you will have the opportunity to taste some extraordinary wines and visit our vineyards and wineries as part of your training.

Wonderful group who visited us from Turkey, with their guide, Herminio, on the left.

On the other hand, don’t underestimate the work of being on your feet all day helping our visitors – this is a demanding job.  You will be leading tours, ranging from one person to a couple dozen, through our lodge all day, explaining how and where our wines are made and about the people behind the wines, and when the tour of the lodge is complete you will serve port to our visitors.  You need to be able to do all of this, as well as answer lots of questions, in at least three different languages.  When you are successful, our visitors feel a real connection with Graham’s and continue their relationship with us long after their visit as a direct result of your ability to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Given the volume of applications, both already received and expected this month, we will only be able to respond to those which we wish to take further.  We are interviewing and making decisions this month, so don’t delay!  Please also understand, if you are not from the area, we cannot assist you with accomodation or other logistics – those arrangements are entirely up to you.

Gustavo Devesas, one of our veteran guides, after a particularly comprehensive tasting with a visitor group from Norway. Photo from one of our Facebook friends.

For more information about Graham’s Lodge and the Visitors’ Centre consult these sources:

The Graham’s Lodge website:

You will get a lot of insight to life at the Lodge from many of our blog and Facebook stories, but this particular blog article talks about the guides’ training as well as the visitor experience at the lodge:  Graham’s Port Lodge

Please read the job description and either stop by the Lodge with your CV or respond directly to the email below – using the usual symbols for the address (they are spelled out here to avoid spam).  Please do not use the blog comments fields to indicate your interest or the blogadmin email address, as it will only slow down your inquiry – go straight to Turismo with your questions and your CV.

Good luck!

Procuramos Guia para o Centro de visitas da Graham’s

O Centro de Visitas da Graham’s é uma óptima oportunidade para se ficar a conhecer mais sobre os Vinhos do Porto Graham’s e também sobre o Vinho do Porto em geral. Funciona nas caves Graham’s, construídas em 1890 com o objectivo de armazenar os vinhos da empresa e deixá-los a maturar nas melhores condições possíveis. Todos os anos recebemos cerca de 60.000 visitantes de várias nacionalidades. A função do Guia é receber estes visitantes, explicando a história da Graham’s e do vinho do porto.

Procuramos jovens do sexo femenino ou masculino com as seguintes características:

– Fluência em pelo menos 3 línguas
– Espírito de Equipa
– Discurso coerente e fluído
– Dinamismo
– Capacidade de Aprendizagem
– Licenciatura ou frequência universitária
– Disponibilidade horária

As entrevistas vão decorrer durante o mês de Janeiro para iniciar funções a partir do dia 14 de Março de 2011.

Se estiver interessado deve enviar o seu CV para turismo at symington dot com (usa simbolos em vez de palavras) ou entregar na Rua Rei Ramiro nº 514, 4400-281 V.Nova de Gaia.

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