In the Douro

Graham’s blogger has re-located to Quinta do Tua.  Although the Malvedos winery is not due to open nor will picking begin until the 15th, I decided to come up a little early to pursue a few stories, notably the making of our White Ports which has already started.  As I was coming up on the train Miles called and invited me to join him for “some wild vineyard action”  on Friday, so … stay tuned for that!

Wednesday evening I made a little tour of inspection around Quinta do Tua, and you can join me by clicking into the first thumbnail below, which will open the photo full size with a more extensive caption.  Use the hyperlinks at the foot of the photo to scroll back and forth through the gallery.

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2 thoughts on “In the Douro

  1. Thank you for the encouragement Andy! Watching and learning about the white port making today, hope to have a post ready this evening.

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