Interested in Vintage Port?

Just one year ago Symington Family Estates re-launched the completely renovated Vintage Port Site.  The response has been very strong:  clearly people are turning to the internet more and more for guidance on Port.  Searches on the site increased steadily over the course of the year and we had a distinct peak on 24 December, when everyone was wondering how to decant!  Visitors to the site have clearly enjoyed what the site has to offer and they have eagerly sought further advice through our Ask the Expert service.

Today the Vintage Port Site has been upgraded with more service and content for Port enthusiasts, whether novice or connoisseur.  The heart of the site is our Knowledge Base of Harvest Reports for every Vintage and records of every Vintage Port from all our brands, back to 1945.  The content of the database continues to grow as more tasting notes are added, and of course the recently announced 2010 wines from Quinta do Vesuvio and Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira have been added as well.

Access the Knowledge base:

  • See which Vintage Ports have been declared each year in a new Timeline graphic, and click to reach the tasting notes for any Port
  • Search by Brand – pick a brand and read a concise introduction to that brand and its Vintage style, then click through the list of Vintage Years to reach the tasting notes
  • Search by Year – read Vintage Reports for every year since 1945, drawn from the Symingtons’ extraordinary family and brand archives, and click on any brand icon to see details of that year’s Vintage Port
  • Advanced Search function allows search of all tasting notes by critic, rating or publication as well as brand and year
  • Navigation has been improved so you can move easily between Vintages and brands from any record

Ask the Expert:

  • We continue to answer every query on line and notify you directly when the reply has been posted, and we remain committed to a two business day response time
  • Search the archive of Q&A’s with an easy Tag Cloud of popular topics

News about Vintage Port:

  • The Graham’s blogger will be writing for the Vintage Port Site about all the Symington Port brands, focussing on Vintage Port, of course, but expanding to bring more news of our brands and Quintas
  • In the Press brings you links to a selection of news and reviews about Vintage Port and the Symingtons


  • New concise profiles of each Symington brand and viticultural profiles of our key quintas
  • Learn the basics of Vintage Port:  How to make it, declare it, purchase, store, serve and enjoy it
  • History of Port and Viticulture articles
  • Extensive resource list of sites that regularly feature Port
  • List of global distributors for all our brands

We hope this site will answer your questions about Vintage Port but if it doesn’t… Ask the Expert!

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4 thoughts on “Interested in Vintage Port?

  1. Congrats for the Vintage Port Site 2.0!
    The timeline is excellent to understand the diversity of declarations and the knowledge base with descriptions of the years is very usefull too.
    Keep up the good job!

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