It Starts With A Little Barroca

Tinta Barroca from Vale de Malhadas
Quinta do Vale de Malhadas as seen from the boundary wall with Vesuvio

As planned, Graham’s have begun picking today at Quinta do Vale de Malhadas in the Douro Superior, but just a few select parcels of Tinta Barroca near the river. The pickers are carefully selecting the best grapes, cutting and leaving on the ground any that don’t meet our quality standards.

We are working with a small team, just six of our diarios, the people who work year round for us as needed for a wide variety of vineyard jobs.  Next week we will have a full harvest team, and get into the full swing.

As you can see from the photo, Charles has gotten his weather wish:  it is clear, sunny and hot here in the Douro.  Easily upwards of 30º I should think at Malhadas.  Down by the river, where the the team are picking, there is a cool breeze off the water.

In other news, Quinta do Tua is getting ready today to open to receive grapes tomorrow – a little earlier than planned last week.  Paulo Macedo is already here, taking calls and visits from some of the local farmers who supply us with top quality grapes from the surrounding area.  The winery team are busy washing down and double checking all the equipment, and Dona Sonya just told me the kitchen opens tonight to start feeding the winery teams.

Henry Shotton is packing up his office, and getting ready to come up from Gaia on Wednesday, to open the Quinta dos Malvedos winery ready to receive grapes on Thursday.  With him will come Juca and Fonseca, two of our employees who work year round in the lodges in Gaia except when they work in the winery at Malvedos during harvest.

It’s getting underway!  Stay with us for the next few weeks to follow the harvest here in the Douro.  We would love to hear from you – please take advantage of the Comment box below to ask any questions or let us know your thoughts.

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