Malvedos Friday 1st October

First Amarela arriving today - a particularly fine example!

October has started well with a cool bright morning turning into another warm sunny day. I just hope this weather holds now for the rest of the Vintage.

At 14.30 we received the last of the 2005 Nacional and moved to three adjacent blocks of Tinta Amarela, two are from 1984 and one also from 2005.  From my past experience a mixed lagar of Touriga Nacional and Tinta Amarela works very well and when Charles was here this morning we discussed this possibility and we was agreed to fill this mixed Nacional and  Amarela lagar first before moving back to the Nacional tomorrow from higher up in the Quinta.  The big juicy berries of the Amarela produce scented fragrant wines with good acid balance and go hand in hand with the deeply coloured and structured wines from the Nacional.

Charles also reviewed the picking order and decided to move to the top of the quinta tomorrow morning, and harvest two large blocks of mature Touriga Nacional planted in 1989, from the very top western area which are ready now.  The team will then finish a number of smaller parcels half way down, on the eastern side, near where they have been today.

Henry and Dominic tasting the Roriz wines

Dominic dropped by this afternoon for an update on progress at Malvedos on his way back to Oporto. He tasted the lots already made and was particularly taken with two 100% Roriz lagars and one mixture of Malvedos Roriz and Tua Vinha Velha.  The two straight Roriz wines are wonderfully aromatic with an exuberance of fresh raspberry fruit aromas, while the Roriz and VV wine has an exceptionally floral character, with a lot of body and structure no doubt imparted by the very low yielding Tua VV.

Onward with the Nacional tomorrow!

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