On the second day of the vintage at Malvedos and under blue skies and moderate temperatures, the 24 strong roga moved on to vineyard 17, the largest of the Quinta’s three Tinta Roriz vineyards.


Yesterday Charles and Henry tasted the first lagares of Port made this year – the Tinta Barroca and the wines made from the field-mixed vineyard at Síbio, planted in 1990. The Síbio section of Malvedos was acquired by the Symington family in 2012 and the majority of these mixed parcels are in fact made up primarily of Tinta Roriz and that’s why they were picked almost simultaneously with the Tinta Roriz parcels.

Charles and Henry taste the first lagar of the vintage – Tinta Barroca

Charles commented on the good colour shown by the Barroca and was also satisfied with the balanced Baumé readings recorded in the Tinta Roriz lagares: 13.4°. Following consultation with Alexandre Mariz, the vineyard manager, Charles and Henry decided that on day three of the harvest the roga would move on to the Tinto Cão at Malvedos and then be taken to the neighbouring Tua vineyard to start picking the Sousão vines.

The Geographic Information System, an advanced vineyard and harvest management tool (developed in-house), shows picking progress at Malvedos. The parcel identified with diagonal lines (centre) is the Tinta Roriz picked on the second day of the vintage.

On this second day of the harvest, Henry received his first visitors of this vintage: a group from Smart Wines, who import Graham’s Ports into Germany, as well as some of the Symington family’s other wines. The group was headed by Herman Stockmann, whom Henry has known for several years as he often goes to Germany to help Hermann host tastings of Graham’s Ports.

Henry welcomes Herman Stockmann (right) who brought a group from Smart Wines
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