Malvedos Saturday 9th October

View from winery door 10am - Oh what a beautiful morning!

When I went to bed on Friday night I was feeling a bit down because of the storm (which looked like it was here to stay) and was pretty sure that under those conditions there would be no picking today.

I was therefore very pleasantly surprised in the morning to find the storm had blown away during the night and the weather had cleared.

Block 15 West of Valdossa

Picking resumed as usual and Arlindo had the same team of 19 pickers as yesterday. Today they picked the mature Franca planted in 1986 up by Valdossa, block 15 just to the west of the Valdossa house and blocks 9 and 10 slightly above. All in all  600 boxes and 13.920 Kg.

I was with Mariz and Arlindo today visiting the Franca still to be picked and fortunately there has been very little incidence of any rot at Malvedos in consequence of the storm last night. The good weather today, with the help of a light breeze has helped to dry out the Franca bunches and the detrimental effect of the rain has been minimized.

There has of course been some dilution effect caused by the rain, however, the lagar we filled today still managed to come in at a quite respectable 12.10º Baumé.

On the winery front it has again been very busy and before dinner we fortified one lager and have another in the pipeline – hopefully not too late though.

My estimate is that we have another two days picking. The end is in sight!

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2 thoughts on “Malvedos Saturday 9th October

  1. Olá Henry
    Espero que esteja tudo a correr bem e que tenham sido poucos os contratempos…É agradável ver fotos da vindima e do pessoal, apesar de já serem poucos do meu tempo, sempre dá para relembrar um pouco das 7 vindimas que fiz na adega dos malvedos.
    Cumprimentos ao pessoal dos malvedos!


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