Malvedos Thursday 7th October

Some grey clouds were visible very early in the morning but by the time we went up to breakfast at 9am these were dispersing and the blue sky was back and it turned into an ideal sunny day for picking.

Peter, Henry and Charles smiling for all the visitors today

Charles and his father Peter came by this morning to check up on progress.  We discussed the picking order and decided that we will continue with the Franca at Malvedos, followed by seven small parcels of Franca from Tua (the last of the grapes from there), and finishing with the Malvedos Tinto Cão.

We also tasted the samples of the most recently fortified lagares, including the last of the Nacional and the very first of the Franca.  The Franca, like the Nacional, is giving very good colour and is packed with elegant and fresh floral aromas combined with intense dark berry fruit.  If the rest of the Franca lagares turn out like this first one, we are on the right track!

We also looked ahead and carefully analysed our storage capacity situation at the winery vis à vis the number of lagares we still expect to make here at Malvedos, as it’s fundamental not to run out of space – and all okay.

Touriga Franca bunches looking gorgeous

Otherwise another very busy day with the team going non-stop between receiving grapes, running off and fortifying new wines, and getting through corrections from the laboratory.

It has been a busy day for visitors here at Malvedos with three groups passing through the winery during the morning, including visitors from our Dutch and Russian distribution agents as well as a group from the West of England Wine and Spirit Association.

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