Malvedos Tuesday 28 September

The mornings are getting colder and I wished I had put on a pullover when I came to open the winery at 0715.  However by mid-morning it warmed up and it has turned out to be yet another fantastic day of weather for picking.

Not only are these warm days ideal for picking, but also for the maturation of the varieties yet to be picked. Here I’m thinking ahead to the Touriga Franca which we will be picking next week.  These warm days are bringing it along to perfection very nicely.

Rupert arrived last night with a group of visitors from our USA distributor Premium Port Wines and he came to visit us this morning for an update on progress at the winery, and to taste some of the wines we have made – he particularly liked the Barroca.

Malvedos Winery Team: Joaquin, Henry, Pedro, António, Juca, Carlos and Fonseca

Given the sunny days we are experiencing he very thoughtfully brought everyone on the team a Graham’s cap – Thank you Rupert!


The first load of grapes – 92 boxes weighing in at 2060 Kg – came in just before breakfast with the grapes in tip top condition.

Our first lagar of Nacional was filled just before lunch and was trodden in the afternoon for four hours.  The lagar is giving off clean fresh fruit aromas and the colour is very dark, which is typical for Touriga Nacional.

All in all I’m pleased with how this lagar is shaping up.


The 19 pickers sent in 9030 Kilos today compared to 5546 yesterday.

Henry and Mariz in TN Block 67, crushing and discussing the grapes

After spending the morning in the low yielding mature block 16 from 1987 in a part of the Quinta known as Valdossa, in the afternoon they moved to a younger series of Nacional blocks planted in 2005.  Being younger these produced slightly heavier bunches and hence the increase in Kilos picked.  I was up there this afternoon with Mariz tasting the berries and they are sweet and succulent.  If you squeeze a berry it stains your fingers red – perfect time to pick.

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