Malvedos Wednesday 6 October

Today it has been overcast with some on and off drizzle during the day, but much less than last Sunday and nothing that deterred the pickers.

In fact it was a record day today with the 20 pickers harvesting 14.810 Kg of Touriga Franca.

The roga were picking just below the Mario Assuncão house and tomorrow morning will move to the Franca slightly higher up, just above the house and block 92 of the Barroca where we started the Vintage back on the 20th September.

Today we picked our second lagar of Franca which is now treading, and the first is likely to be fortified close to midnight tonight.

It’s been all go in the winery and we have been flat out all day. We were all pretty tired when at 5:00 the Vinhaço truck showed up again and added to our work load!

Tomorrow during the morning we will fill our third lagar of Franca, and from what I have seen so far in the lagars after treading and during fermentation the colour is good and the must are fresh and fruity.

David – ‘Mr Fix it’

Today David, otherwise known as ‘Mr Fix It’ during the vintage, came to the winery after I called him this morning because of a small hitch we were having with the cooling system and a temperature sensor on one of the fermentation tanks in the lower part of the winery.  David gets a lot of kilometres under his belt during the vintage, dashing from winery to winery as machines and equipment need fixing and it must be an exhausting few weeks of the year for him.  He drives a large white van, which when you open the back door looks like the inside of a small warehouse of spare parts!

It’s a 24/7 occupation and after 3 weeks nonstop he had to take a nap in the van before moving onto his next job.

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