Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Friday, 5 October

At 07:30 this morning it was a cool autumn morning with a clear sky, and it became progressively warmer as the day went on so that it was extremely hot by the time we finished picking for the day and the 2012 harvest!

The Caseiro, Arlindo, and his team of pickers set off for their final day this morning at the top of the Quinta.  They worked their way down collecting the last of the Touriga Franca, which they managed to finish by 5.30pm this afternoon – much to the delight of the team in the adega and the pickers themselves!

We sent down our penultimate lagar, which was run off with a lovely rich purple colour and is currently in the cap plunger tank.  We then continued to fill our last lagar throughout the day until it was full and thankfully there were no more grapes to come in! The team is looking forward to making this final Touriga Franca port tomorrow.

Given that it was our last day of picking today, it was particularly fitting that lunch was an old favourite – chicken and chips (served with rice, bread and salad).  Dona Sonia, Dona Fatima and their team in the kitchen have kept us VERY well fed throughout the harvest, bets are on as to who gained the most weight this year.


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5 thoughts on “Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Friday, 5 October

    1. Absolutely. We have made some good wines despite challenging conditions this year, and we are glad to have our grapes safely harvested before any change in the weather, but at the same time we will miss the comraderie and even the hard work.

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