Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Monday, 1 October

Today was another cool morning which turned into another warm autumn day with blue skies.

The two day break in picking over the weekend was well and truly worth the risk weather wise in terms of the quality of the grapes we received today from the Quinta do Tua Touriga Franca.  These were some of the very best grapes we have received so far – healthy, perfectly mature fruit.

Touriga Franca from Quina do Tua

The picking order following another visit to the vineyard here at Malvedos has been altered again and tomorrow we will start picking the Malvedos Touriga Franca and leave the remaining Tinta Roriz a few more days.

Touriga Franca at Quinta dos Malvedos

The Touriga Franca is our most important grape variety and will have benefited immensely from these three further days of perfect ripening conditions and if the Tua Franca is anything to go by, the Malvedos 1980s Franca should provide us with superb quality grapes for the rest of the harvest.

At the winery it felt like half term was over, and we are now back in business with grape deliveries and our 1st lagar of Touriga Franca being trodden tonight.  The colour already looks promising!

Today we had Michael Blandy (of Madeira’s famous wine) and a group of friends visit us for lunch and a visit to the winery.

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