Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Saturday, 6 October

Picking the grapes from the arbour at the winery

We all got into the winery a bit later today as we were not receiving any more grapes – and when I arrived at 08:15 it was a pleasantly cool morning, which turned into another warm autumn day.

Though we have finished picking the vineyard parcels, there are always a few odd lots left to pick from places like the arbour behind the winery, the vines that line the driveway into the Quinta and up to the house, and a few demonstration rows of vines near the winery which are convenient for visitors to see the different varieties side by side.  As these grapes taken altogether are nowhere near enough to fill a lagar, Arlindo had a small team picking for just a few hours this morning and the grapes went over to Quinta do Tua, which is better equipped to vinify small lots like this.

We are now fermenting our last lagar, so most of the time today was taken up with cleaning the winery – everything has to be spotless before we leave.  Today we dismantled the grape receiving area – sorting carpet, scales, box washer – and also began cleaning the automated lagares and their toes as well as the crusher and de-stemmer.

Cleaning continues tomorrow and we look forward to our last visit from the bagaço truck which is expected around 10am in the morning!

Stay tuned for our end of harvest dinner tomorrow night…


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