Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Thursday, 4 October

Touriga Franca near the entrance to the quinta

This morning at 07:30 it was a cool and crisp autumn morning with a clear blue sky. The weather forecast promised more sun and in the afternoon it was another hot day.

The first grapes we received were from block 64 near the Quinta entrance where they left off yesterday.  For those of you who have been following our “Tracking the Season” series – our Touriga Franca vine was harvested today from this parcel.

As we are likely to finish the Vintage over the weekend, Charles and Mariz came for a final review of the picking order.  It was decided that tomorrow the pickers will start at the top of the Quinta in block 3 whose mature vines from 1988 and west facing aspect are now in perfect condition to pick.

By lunchtime tomorrow we will be in a better position to predict how many more lagares of Franca we will be fermenting – most likely one, perhaps two. After lunch we ran off another lagar of Franca which again demonstrated the fantastic colour that this variety is giving this year.

We are now planning our end of Vintage dinner and are currently in negotiations with a shepherd… more on this to follow!


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