Meet Henry Shotton

Malvedos Winery Manager
Malvedos Winery Manager

I was born and brought up in Oporto, where a part of my mother’s family have long been established and also have links with the Port Trade.

Following school at Pangbourne Nautical College I attended Leeds University to study History. In my third year I went to live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil where I worked in the tasting room of a Coffee Exporting Company, and this was to stand me in good stead for the future.

However, all good things come to an end and I went back a year later to finish my degree. This done I decided to return home to Portugal where I was fortunate enough to start a job as an apprentice to my cousin Jeremy Bull in the tasting room of a Port Company.

Some years and a Post Graduate Oenology course later I joined Graham’s and my first Vintage at Malvedos was the 2000, the first year with the refurbished winery equipped with the groundbreaking robotic treading lagares.

 This will now be my 10th Vintage at the Quinta!

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