Michael Symington checks in on his 61st Douro harvest

My father Michael, born in Oporto in 1925 was 84 this year. Retired from our family Port firm since 1990, he spends much of the year at his Quinta das Andorinhas in the Pinhão valley.sept_09_II_069

He is here now and this picture is of him in the winery today with Miles discussing the quality of the grapes and the musts in the lagares. Miles keeps an eye on Dad’s vineyard through the year. Dad keeps an eye on Miles during the harvest….

My father, 3rd generation Symington here in the Douro, has attended every vintage since he started work with his father in 1948, so he has done 61 successive harvests in the Douro.


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3 thoughts on “Michael Symington checks in on his 61st Douro harvest

  1. Congratulations to Michael Symington! 61 harvests – quite a feat! I wish you many more harvests (and good ones).
    Cheers and all the best,

  2. A small correction to Paul’s post.
    Dad has just been to lunch with me at home and he said he has actually completed 62 Vintages in the Douro!
    In May 1943 on his 18th birthday, he volunteered for the British Army. He was de-mobbed in February 1947 returning to join his father & uncles in Porto, hence his first “working” vintage was ’47.
    He has been in the Douro for every vintage since.

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