Noemia’s leaves begin to turn and rain rolls into the Douro

saturday_Oct_006Some of you may have read the post put up by Miles last Wednesday 30th September about the Noemia vineyard.

So you might be interested to see how she looked this last Saturday morning October 3rd at about 9 am. Having delivered a fine crop of grapes which are safely in the winery, her leaves are now turning golden red as she readies herself for the winter. When I took these photographs, it was warm and sunny. But the weather is changing and heavy rain is forecast for the Douro this Monday and Tuesday. I am glad that her grapes were picked before the rain came.


As I drove over the 1,400 meter Marão mountains down to Porto this evening, I met the heavy rain that is on its way over into the Douro valley. Most people will be very pleased; it has been a long while since we have seen good rain in the Douro.

Paul Symington

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