Paul Visits the Roga

Whilst leading visitors through the vineyards recently, Paul Symington stopped to chat with several of the team cutting grapes.  I asked him about his conversation with one woman, and he told us:

Paul stops to chat with one of the harvest team and catch up on news of a mutual acquaintance

This lady has been picking grapes at Malvedos at every harvest for many years.  She lives in the nearby village of Tua and comes over every day from her house near the river just below the railway station.  She knows the Symington family well, and especially  Paul, because a young neighbour of hers called Cristina used to work for Paul’s family, helping to look after his 4 children when they were very young.  Cristina now lives in Lisbon, like many young people she has moved from these remote Douro villages to the big cities on the coast.

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