Portugal vs. Norway

Reverting to the idea of unexpected places to enjoy your Graham’s Port wines… Dominic Symington was in Oslo last week, to host a special showing of our wines at Ullevaal Stadion, the Norwegian national football stadium, in conjunction with the Norway-Portugal game.

Arne Steck of Solera

Upon entering the VIP hospitality lounge the guests were first surprised, then intrigued, and finally very pleased to discover our ports as an alternative to the usual beer or dry wine served at this type of event.  Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny came as a revelation to many in the crowd; not only were they delighted to discover this alternative to the familiar ruby styles of port, but they found that a fine old tawny, nicely chilled, was very refreshing.

Arne Steck of Solera, our distribution partner in Norway, assisted Dominic in answering everyone’s questions about port wines.

We were pleased the crowd toasted the outcome of the game with our wines, of course, though we couldn’t help wincing inwardly at the result:  Norway 1, Portugal 0, the first time Norway have defeated us.

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2 thoughts on “Portugal vs. Norway

  1. Not sure why “Jane” seems unhappy about this post. I think it’s great that Port is being shown how versatile it can be. With many people Port still conjures up the image of old men in smoking jackets drinking after dinner. So to have an event like this that shows its versatility is, in my opinion, great!

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