Pre-Harvest in the Tasting Room

Monday afternoon when I was wondering where Charles was for our harvest report meeting, I peeked into the tasting room.  Together with Nuno Moreira and Manuel Rocha (back to camera) he was reviewing a line up of white ports.

Every July we do our annual inventory of wine stocks.  Then, where we have small quantities of individual wines, Charles and his team do tastings like this one, to decide which small lotes can be blended and consolidated into a single larger lote.  In this way we can clear space in the Lodge so that when the 2011 Harvest wines are ready to come down to Gaia next winter and spring, there will be enough clean, empty casks waiting to receive them.

Beautiful colours on these whites.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Harvest in the Tasting Room

  1. The Graham’s white is a lovely port that I’ve enjoyed twice this year, most recently at the Factory House..

    ..but why are you so bad at selling it..??

    1. Hi Tom, I agree, I enjoy the white port too. White Port is only about 20% of the world market and the demand is concentrated in continental Europe, there is actually very little demand for it elsewhere in the world. If you are having trouble sourcing it in England, don’t forget, the next time you are at the Lodge in Gaia, that we can ship home a few cases for you!

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