Quality at All Levels

Paul Symington is often quoted as saying:

There is but one single-minded objective here – to produce the very finest port possible.

That focus on quality is carried well beyond the viticultural and wine making activities, and is reflected throughout the entire product development, production and delivery process.  In this time of belt-tightening, it’s important our customers know that our commitment also carries through our entire line, from the entry level Graham’s Ports through to our extraordinary aged Tawnies and Vintages.

On reviewing the product range, we felt that the packaging of our entry level Port wines could do better justice to the quality of the wines.   Our internal design team, led by Henri Sizaret, VP of Marketing, retained the classic cellar label shape but re-thought the colour ways for each of the wines, Fine Ruby, Fine Tawny, Fine White and Extra Dry White, to better convey the style of each wine and above all, the outstanding quality which is the pedigree of Graham’s.  We added a brief and inviting tasting note to each label as well, to guide the consumer in their choice.

In Paul’s words, “Graham’s has an outstanding history of quality, and we feel the new range complements this image. This move also reflects our care for our trade partners with improved designs for better shelf stand out and appeal.”

Whilst the wines remain the same excellent and enjoyable value for money that has always distinguished Graham’s entry level range, the new packaging has just been introduced, and is already starting to appear in stores globally.  Look for it in all of the more than 50 markets around the globe where Graham’s is sold.

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4 thoughts on “Quality at All Levels

  1. I like the new designs and glad to see others in the line up now have that classic bin marker design with the raised Graham’s on the glass.

    I do have a question as I can’t tell all that well from the picture. Are the bottle colors the same for the two whites and reds? Or are they different for each one?

    1. Hi Andy! I’m looking at the original high resolution photos – both this one and individual shots, and I’m having trouble myself, especially with the tawny bottle. Am thoroughly ashamed that I cannot remember, actually, will check them out in the office, probably Tuesday, and report back! Take care!

    2. Hi Andy… Looked at the bottles today – they are in fact all four the same, a rather shady green, I think it is actually called dead leaf green! It’s the colour of the wine and the lighting probably in that professional photograph that make them look so different above. Take care!

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