Rainstorm reveals a glimpse into Douro history

The rain storm of last week caused quiet a lot of damage to the farm tracks around our vineyards. Here is an example. This track was quite passable with a tractor or a 4×4 until the rain washed all the earth away last Tuesday night.

But in the second photo you can see something very interesting that has been uncovered by the torrential rain: ancient ruts carved into the stone by hundreds of years of ox-carts grinding their way up this hill. The ox-carts would take our Port up these tracks in a cask and the iron-shod wooden wheels slowly caused these deep ruts. So a small part of the Douro’s history is now visible.

I and my neighbours would have far rather not had this glimpse into the past as the repair of this road will be expensive and difficult, but it is good to see what there is beneath these old tracks.

Paul Symington

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