Robotic treading and plunger tanks

Empty lagar now ready to receive Touriga Nacional TomorrowThe robotic lagar you saw being run of this morning was sent to a ‘plunger’ tank in the lower part of the winery to finish its fermentation.  As treading is crucial to the production of the top Ports produced at Malvedos we make it our business to tread every grape that comes in the winery. 

In order to make this happen we sometimes have to free up a lagar to receive and tread the next load of grapes. We do this by transferring an already trodden and fermenting lagar to ‘plunger’ tank to finish off the fermentation.

Plunger tankThese tanks are closed fermenters with a paddle which cap plungers during the remainder of the fermentation before fortification.  This allows us to tread 100% of all the grapes that we receive at the winery – something I’m sure not many other wineries are equipped to perform.







Plunger paddle

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