Second Touriga Nacional lagar run off just before dawn

DSC_0053Fonseca was on duty and guarding the 2nd lagar of Nacional last night. At 11:55pm it was at 10.75 Bé and needed to continue the ferment until 8.15 Bé before we could add the brandy. I estimated that it would need a good four or more hours more, so around 4am. That would have been bad enough, but when I heard Fonseca drop the winery keys outside the door of my room in the bunkhouse at 6:45 I new it hadn’t worked out quite like that.  One sometimes gets into these cycles when everything is run off at night.

DSC_0117As it turned out, Fonseca had to wait until 6:20am before he could add the brandy and is catching up on a bit of sleep this morning as I open up the winery in the early morning light.

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