Senhora da Ribeira Team

While this blog is primarily about Graham’s, its various Quintas and our wine making, the Symington family also own and manage Dow’s and Warre’s Port.

Here is the wine making team at the beautiful Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira (The Lady of the River), which  is one of Dow’s finest properties.  This is one of our most remote Quintas is the far eastern end of the Douro valley.  We have several traditional lagares in use here as well as three robotic lagares.

Carrazeda is the nearest ‘civilization’, and that is some 15 kms away, so quite a long way to go if you run out of beer.  The team in this photo make some of the best Ports for the Symington Family Estates group, but they have not seen their wives and girlfriends for a few weeks now… We appreciate the dedication, guys!

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