The first load of Touriga Franca – looks excellent

It’s just after lunch and the first load of Franca from blocks 31 and 29 down by the river has just arrived, and as I thought the grapes seem to have ripened perfectly and are looking very promising.  There are 73.655 Franca vines at Malvedos and it accounts for 35.8% of the vineyard area, so there are still several days of picking ahead for this variety.

By the way, Rupert dropped by this morning again and has kindly given us a bottle of the Graham ’07 Vintage for the lads to try! The wine was bottled and released this April and a significant part of the final wine was made from Quinta dos Malvedos lots. I’ve told them we will have it after dinner tonight and they are all very excited about tasting it, especially as quite a lot of them (Fonseca, Antonio, Pedro, Mario and Alexandre) were here in 2007 and helped to make part of what’s in the bottle.

I will let you know how it goes down tonight.

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