The inspiration for the unique design of the Malvedos labels

28JPM_G957Quinta dos Malvedos was bought by W & J Graham in 1890, and to commemorate the Centenary we decided to design a special label for our 1990 Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port.  My father James had the bright idea of using an image of the top of the beautifully worked 1890 wrought iron gate to enhance the existing label.  This gate is one of half a dozen or so that I have spotted in the Alijo area all clearly made by the same master craftsman, each one more intricate than the next.  Actually we all liked the new label so much that we decided to keep on using it on all subsequent Quinta dos Malvedos Vintages.


Graham Malvedos rotulo 1998This gate was the original entrance to the Quinta house, and in the tradition of all early Douro roads was wide enough for an ox cart to pass through, but sadly not a modern car.  From the early part of the 20th Century visitors would leave their cars near Sao Mamede station at the bottom of the hill and continue the journey through the Quinta on foot or by mule or ox cart.  When we restored the Quinta house in 1982 we made a new road entrance next to the gate, and I don’t believe that the gate has ever been opened since !  To rise to the challenge I will be taking a can of WD40 with me when I go up next week.   Of course the bigger hurdle may be finding the key…

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2 thoughts on “The inspiration for the unique design of the Malvedos labels

  1. Hi Rupert,
    Beautiful gate and looks good on the label – great idea! Hope you found the key to the gate!

  2. I was attending the Montreal Hunt Club’s 183 th edition of its annual horse riding event today where I had brought along a bottle of your 1998 Vintage Port. A perfect match with blue cheese, of course, while I was there on my own . But it also attrated enjoyable company with whom I shared the rest of the bottle and other interests as well! I received it as a gift from a friend who knows my preferences. A great discovery! I love its deep and fruity velvet. Blends well with the colors of Fall in the countryside.

    Robert de Grandpré
    Québec, Canada
    P.S. I have kept a 1995 Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port for a special and significant event that will be celebrated later on this Fall. Could you please tell me what I should expect when I open it to share with friends?

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