The last day of picking, a flurry of visits and a fighter jet

Today will be the last day of picking at Malvedos. Tonight we will celebrate the vintage with a traditional pig-roast.  There is still plenty happening however, so I will have my hands full keeping the lads in line today. 

US MWThe last few days of the vintage have brought a wave of visitors to the Quinta. Yesterday Dominic arrived with some customers on the 11.54am train from Porto. Later Paul arrived by boat with Debra Meiburg an American MW and a film crew who are here making a film on wine and Port for the Asian market. After visiting the winery they went up to the house for a tasting and lunch.  In the late afternoon at 1700pm Johnny Symington arrived with a group of visitors from Berry Brothers, the UK fine wine merchant, and will stay until Fiday morning.

LuftwaffeTornadoDouroOn my way up for breakfast a few mornings ago I was startled and then awed as a pair of fighter jets buzzed Malvedos. I later found out from Dominic that the jets were Luftwaffe Tornados on a NATO exercise in Portugal, and that one of the pilots, Axel Probst, is a Port enthusiast and big fan of Graham’s (he even has his website at Maybe Dom asked him to do a fly-by and check-in on us here at Malvedos?!  In the large image below one can make out Malvedos in the upper left corner of the frame.


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2 thoughts on “The last day of picking, a flurry of visits and a fighter jet

  1. Axel – Maximum respect for keeping an eye on the harvest! Sadly it takes me slightly longer to get to the Douro
    Are we going to get a picture of the BBR team hopefully including Simon doing their due diligence on the blog? preferably the morning after!

    Chris G

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