Touriga Nacional in the Afternoon

Harvesting Touriga Nacional from high up Quinta dos Malvedos, behind the house.

The Graham’s harvest roga worked their way through all the lower vineyards at both Tua and Malvedos in pretty short order today – small bunches and low yields sped them on their way.  By mid-afternoon they were starting on some of the upper parcels at Quinta dos Malvedos, high on the quinta above the house.  Couldn’t be a more different view from the first parcel this morning at Tua, being so high and the slopes so steep you cannot see the river at all from here.

Touriga Nacional from one of the upper parcels at Malvedos, either side of one of the blue schist posts that were commonly used until recent years

What is no different is the quality of the grapes.  Whilst Touriga Nacional is characterised by smaller bunches and smaller berries than other varieties, we seem to have the same, only more so.  This promises well for concentration of flavours.  These grapes are certainly beautiful in their native habitat, let’s see what Henry thinks of them once they are captive in the winery – watch for his report tomorrow morning.

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