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Would you like to have information on all your favourite Graham’s Vintage Ports at your fingertips?  Now you can.  The Vintage Port Site – the ultimate reference for both novice and connoisseur – has been optimised for viewing on a mobile device.

When you access The Vintage Port Site from your phone or tablet device you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version, which takes you straight to the Knowledge Base at the heart of this great reference site.  Search for wines by year or brand, or search for the wines reviewed by your favourite critic or wine publication.  The site has details of every Vintage Port made by Symington Family Estates since 1945 – almost 300 different wines.  From the list of results, click on your choice of wine to see release notes and quick reference information on decanting, serving and storing your Vintage Port.

One-click sidebar navigation takes you to a view of the most recent tasting notes from top critics, or the Harvest Report for that year.  Want to share the information with a friend?  Click to enter an email function to send a message and the link for the most recently viewed wine to your friends, together with a print-friendly version of all the details and reviews of the wine and the Harvest Report.  Alternatively, you can post the link directly to your Facebook page or send it in a Twitter message.

Browsing the database raise questions in your mind?  You can go to the Links list to enter the full on-line version of the VPS with its wealth of detailed reference articles and news stories, or click on Ask the Expert to send your question directly to us, and we will post your question with our reply on the Vintage Port Site, normally within two business days.

We think you will find this pocket reference a great help, whether you are at your wine merchant’s trying to choose which Vintages to buy, want detailed information about the wine and the harvest year to share with friends at table, or are looking for a quick way to share your wine choice with friends through social media.  Enjoy!

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