Which Ports Are The Symingtons Enjoying Today?

At the Christmas party Friday I did a quick survey of the Symington family members to ask which Ports they would be enjoying over the holidays?

Charles’s first answer was, I haven’t had time to see what’s in the cellar!  With a moment’s reflection, he decided he would bring up some 1970 Graham’s.  At the Port Walk tasting at Berry Brothers & Rudd in 2010 I remember Charles saying this wine was served at his wedding as well as several other special occasions – so clearly this one is a favourite for sentimental reasons, besides being a great Port.

Charles’s father Peter is also planning to enjoy a 1970 Vintage Port, but in his case, a 1970 Dow’s.

Paul and Dominic are also both planning on drinking Dow’s Vintage Ports, both from vintages that are underrated:  Paul will enjoy the Dow’s 1955 and Dominic will be pouring the Dow’s 1966 which has always been unfairly overshadowed by the 1963.

Rupert will be enjoying the Quinta dos Malvedos 1964 – this is his birth year, and he still has another 30 bottles or so in his cellar, so he makes a point of opening one every year, to make sure it is still ageing as well as he is!

Johnny can’t tell me what his family will be served – it is a sample wine, which, if it passes muster with the family over the holiday, we may hear about in 2012!

And Rupert’s father, James, will be serving Dow’s 1970 and Gould Campbell 1980, both in magnum.  The reasons for his choices, and the story of the Warre’s 1908 he served last year, are told in full in a news story on The Vintage Port Site.

What Ports will you be serving over the holidays?  We would love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas from the Symingtons!

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6 thoughts on “Which Ports Are The Symingtons Enjoying Today?

  1. On Christmas eve I was at my brother’s house for a family gathering. Among those present was my brother’s brother in law, who’s surname is Taylor, and was born in 1955 – so an easy choice of bottle!
    On Christmas night I serve at my local pub (only on Christmas night, and have done so for over 30 years..) I had planned to open a 20yr tawny to put on the bar, but had recently had some doubts about some Scottish bottled Crusted port, and needed to open one to check. The cork revealed it to be Quarles Harris 1979 crusted – and despite the contents not yet being fully mature, despite it’s age; it went down extremely well..

    1. Hi Tom! What a lovely tradition that is, to share a bottle of Port with everyone at your local pub! Glad to hear it was a Quarles Harris showing well and well enjoyed!

  2. So far this holiday season I’ve opened a few California wines, a 1990 Quinta do Vesuvio VP, a 2008 Dow’s Vale do Bomfim Douro wine, and a Graham’s Six Grapes. Tomorrow I will open a magnum of 1977 Quarles Harris VP (and some Douro wines as well that are yet to be decided) for a California winemaker and some others coming over to my house. Tom, I’m sensing a theme going on on both sides of the pond LOL!

    1. I like your taste in wines, Andy! Enjoy the evening tomorrow – and show those Californians what the Douro can do!! Happy New Year!

  3. Sorry Andy, but I’ve just deviated from the ‘true path’ – my last bottle of vintage port for home quaffing this year has just been decanted – the shipper’s name starts with an ‘F’ and the vintage year ends with a ‘6’..

    ..still well short of full maturity, despite being seven years older than you!

    Cheers! – and a Happy new year..

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