Wrap-up for Sunday 26 September at Malvedos

Today ended up being a quiet day both in the in the vineyard and in the winery for a change.

The Tua Vinha Velha because of its exceptionally low yields this year ended up being all picked by end of day Saturday.

After consulting with Charles we agreed to give the pickers the day off on Sunday and only begin with the Nacional on Monday. The weather has been so perfect that the Touriga Nacional will not mind in the least and indeed will fine tune its maturation even more.

In the winery we have been busy fortifying the last Roriz lagar and tomorrow, sometime in the early hours (poor night shift team!) we will add brandy to the Roriz/Vinha Velha lagar. This latter is looking particularly good at the moment – the must has lifted floral aromas and a pleasing dark colour with hints of purple.

Although quieter than normal, this Sunday has given everyone a chance to re-charge their batteries for the hectic week ahead.

Tomorrow the Touriga Nacional begins!

An aside – Lagar lifting competition

A bit like cow tipping, but stainless steel
Antonio and Juca clear winners: And Mighty Men Were They

With a little more time on their hands today the guys invented their own new weight lifting game – the lifting the lagar competition.  The proud winners were Juca and Antonio – please don’t try this at home!

Busy Day on the river

First, and most scenic, of three tourist boats that passed us today

It’s all right for some -while we work on Sunday in the winery some people are cruising up and down the river basking in the sun and sipping their white Ports and tonic no doubt.

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