Wrapping up a long day

Today (evening of the 15th) we had 22 pickers (10 women and 12 men) at the Quinta and picked a total of 8163 Kg of grapes. Charles and Peter were here to verify maturation studies and decide the order of picking. Once the Barroca is finished we plan to move to the Tinta Amarela and after that the Touriga Nacional.
The winery team this year is the same as last year except for two who are new; Juca from Gaia and Mario an oenology student from V.N. Gaia. It’s good to have almost the same team every year and people who know their jobs and what is expected of them which make things run much more smoothly on a day to day basis. It also means however that the new people always end up being the butt of all the jokes.

Mario and Juca
Juca and Mario taking the baume of the first Barroca robotic treading lagar – a healthy 14.5 baumé.

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